Jonas who?

Jonas DenysJonas Denys, nice to meet you! In June 2017, I obtained a Master’s degree in Translation at Ghent University. For four years I have intensively studied three languages: Dutch, German and Spanish. During the third bachelor year, from September 2015 until January 2016, I went on Erasmus for six months in Oviedo, Spain, where I refined my knowledge of the Spanish language and where I gained some amazing experiences. During my one-year Master’s education, I set up and successfully ran a translation agency together with two peers. That was another interesting experience that taught me what I loved to do the most and what I wanted to continue doing: translating.

After obtaining my Master’s degree, I decided to follow the English postgraduate program CALM (Computer-assisted Language Mediation), in which the focus was on all kind of technical aspects regarding translation: Language Processing, Localization, Machine Translation and Post-editing, Technical Writing and much more…

Because I love translating, I chose to combine this extra year at university with a job as a freelance translator and revisor. Since 1 October 2017 I started as a freelance translator Dutch-German-Spanish and revisor after hours, since I'm also employed as a translator full time.